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    By Justin Doughty

    Navisworks can view and navigate a large number of files, however sometimes some files can have parts partially missing, or only display in wireframe. This is because they require an object enabler to be installed to view correctly. This issue can even occur when the object enablers are already installed, so I thought I would put together a few steps to get this working again. In the example below I have used the AutoCAD Plant 3D object enabler, which is one of the most common with this issue.

    The first thing to do in Navisworks go to the Home tab>Project Panel> Scene Statistics. Check this dialog for any missing Object Enablers:

    If it reports the object enabler is missing, go to the windows control panel and check if the enabler is installed:

    If it is not installed, download and install the required Object Enabler from Autodesk.

    If it is installed, click on uninstall/change, then add/remove features. Untick your version of Navisworks and update:

    Repeat the same process and re-tick Navisworks, click update again. Alternatively you could uninstall/re-install the object enabler at this point.

    Next in Navisworks, go to Options>File Readers>DWG/DXF change “Render Type” to Shaded:

    Next delete any associated old .nwc files, then re-open/append the file. It should then display correctly:

    At this point if this still does not display correctly, go to Options>File Readers>DWG/DXF change the DWG Loader Version to an older version. Restart Navisworks, delete any associated old .nwc files and re-open/append the file.

    One last thing to check for Plant 3D users, if the wireframe elements are Structures/Steelwork, we need to make sure the display of the Structures are set to “Shape Model” in the Plant 3D drawing before bringing into Navisworks, as this is saved with the drawing: