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    By Florentina Stirbu


    The Vault Job Processor is an application that performs certain tasks on Vaulted files automatically. This is usually running on a separate machine – users can check the Job Server Queue from their Vault Client to check the status of jobs they have submitted for processing.



    Jobs will be added to the queue once submitted as “pending”, and their status will change to “processing” once the Job Processor application picks them up and starts processing them. If only one Job Processor is active on a server, only one job can be processed at a time, while the others will stay pending until it’s their turn.

    However, if no job is currently processing and the queue only lists jobs in a “pending” state, this may be an indication that the Job Processor is not running at all. Its status should change from "idle" to "processing" as soon as it picks up a job from the queue. The default idle time is 10 minutes, but it can be lowered (more on this here).


    The Job Processor does require a user to be logged on - if the app is set to start automatically on user logon already, someone logging into the Job Processor PC will be sufficient to get things running. Sometimes Windows updates can reboot the machine, so if no one logs on then the app won't start.


    There can be situations where some job types will stay pending even if the Job Processor application is already running, and there are no apparent licensing issues that would prevent it from processing jobs. This is expected for custom job types if the required components are not installed on the Job Processor PC.

    A list of jobs that can be processed is available under Administration -> Job Types. As an example, the Job types associated with Cloud synchronisation will only become available when the Autodesk Desktop Connector will be installed on the Job Processor machine.