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    By Chris Smith

    Autodesk Factory design utilities has some very useful tools available for designers that create factory layouts, manufacture production machinery or share designs with architectural disciplines. The tools allow users to create “assets” from their models to use within their layout designs.

    When we publish our assets, we usually have 2 options for where we would like to save the asset.


    Local – Save the files to a location on your local computer/network.

    Cloud – Save to the Autodesk Cloud.

    What most users do not know is that there is a third option. With Autodesk Vault Professional we can also save our assets to the Vault.


    By using this option, we can apply all the benefits of Vault processes and lifecycles just as we do with our parts and assemblies. We can apply revision schemes, numbering systems, and ensure all designs are up to date.

    To add factory design utilities to your Vault, simple open the Vault ADMS server console. Navigate to your Vault, and right click to bring up the context menu.


    Down near the bottom there is an option to “import configuration”. Select this option and navigate to the configurations folder on your Vault server.


    Select the FACTVault.cfg file to open. You may need to restart you Vault server before the changes take place.

    After restarting your server (if required), open the Vault Clients. You should see the factory assets and factory layouts shortcuts in the Vault client. Assets can now be published to Vault.


    For any additional tips and help with Factory Design Utilities, please contact us at customer.services@cadline.co.uk