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    By Miles Nicholson

    The following is extremely useful if you produce point-to-point connector schematics.

    From the XML export from Autodesk Inventor Professional into AutoCAD Electrical, you can select from a list of connectors defined in the export, and then place the connectors into your schematic. If your project is part of an electromechanical association, then your component tree view includes the connector information from Inventor and therefore you are not required to import any XML file that contains the connector data. If you wish to create a list of your connectors and connections first, you can then import the connectors and automatically create the connections within your schematic.

    If you open a spreadsheet or database that contains multiple sheets or tables, the Select Input Source dialogue box will appear and will allow you to select the specific sheet or table to open.

    For electromechanical linked projects, the component tree in your Location View includes the connector information from Autodesk Inventor. You are not required to import the information from the XML export from Autodesk Inventor.

    For non-electromechanical linked projects, select Schematic ribbon tab > Insert Components pane >AutoCAD_Electrical_2024___Insert_Connectors_From_a_List_-_1.pngInsert Connector AutoCAD_Electrical_2024___Insert_Connectors_From_a_List_-_7.png(dropdown) > AutoCAD_Electrical_2024___Insert_Connectors_From_a_List_-_2.png

    Browse to the connector list file and AutoCAD_Electrical_2024___Insert_Connectors_From_a_List_-_3.png

    A list of your connectors will be shown:


    The pin spacing, orientation and connector type can be changed.

    Highlight the connectors and select AutoCAD_Electrical_2024___Insert_Connectors_From_a_List_-_5.png

    Insert the connectors flipping (TAB), mirroring (TAB) or rotating (V or H) each one to the required position in your schematic.

    Select AutoCAD_Electrical_2024___Insert_Connectors_From_a_List_-_6.pngto wire up the connections between the connectors.

    The connector list file (.xml, .xls, .mdb, and.csv) in the Connector List File Selection dialog box and click Open. The connector list file is retained in memory for subsequent selections of this tool.