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    By Martin Lee

    New to the 2024 release is the ability to control how and what is included in a Vault backup.

    Previous releases of Vault Professional had the options of full or Incremental Backups.


    The 2024 release adds a few new selections to control the backup content.

    Individual Vaults or Libraries can now be selected:



    The backup will include only the selected Vaults and Libraries as well as the associated Knowledge Vault and the Filestore. It should be noted that a Vault Restore using this backup will not add the Vault into the existing setup, as currently it will remove all existing present Vaults etc.

    A Backup can be created to exclude the filestore. This can be used if the filestore is backup up used a traditional file server backup method.


    A Vault restore using the above backup can use the new option to use an existing filestore: