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    By David Crowther



    How do you access the Ordnance Survey National Geographic Database?


    The OS NGD API – Features enables you to perform powerful geospatial analysis using the Ordnance Survey Feature layers, including Land, Water, Road, and many other Themes. Users can filter the data to receive exactly what you need, as and when you need it. The service provides both vector spatial objects as well as attributes which can be filtered as desired. The API service enables you to access the latest data in real time, without the need to maintain your own internal repository.

    Follow the steps below to access the NGD API Features within QGIS:

    1 – Add the OS NGD API Features API to your Project in the OS Data Hub

    Follow this blog if you have not already signed up for the OS Data Hub -


    Once you have signed up to the OS Data Hub and created a Project, choose the API menu search for the OS NGD API – Features and select Add to API Project.


    This adds the OS NGD API - Features to your Project and provides a unique URL with your API key, which will be used later.


    2 – Add the OS NGD API - Features as a WFS connection in QGIS

    From the main toolbar choose to add a WFS Connection -


    Choose New and enter the details for the WFS connection as copied from the OS Data Hub –


    Once created choose Connect and all the layers from the OS NGD Features API will be listed –


    Select one or many WFS layers from the list and choose ADD, and those layers will then be opened into your QGIS project –



    In QGIS, I would suggest you create GROUP Layers to group together similar Themed layers e.g. ROAD


    If you have a PSGA licence for the OS Data Hub, then the features are provided under that licence. However, if you are a commercial organisation, and have a £1000 per month transaction limit, then ensure you keep track of your transaction via the OS Data Hub Dashboard, because each set of features returned in the map extents will be counted as and when you pan and zoom




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