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Troubleshooting printing in AutoCAD

I have recently answered a few support calls regarding printing in AutoCAD, and thought it would be helpful to put together a short guide to troubleshoot some of the common problems.

So If your print/plot isn’t turning out how it should, here’s a few ideas.


Firstly, select and check you have the correct:

Page setup

Printer/plotter .pc3 file

Paper size

Plot area

Plot scale

Also expand the “More Options” to the Plot dialogue box:

AutoCAD plot setup


Here you can check your:

Plot style table .ctb file (to select how colour and lines are displayed in the plot)

Plot options

Drawing orientation

If everything here is how it should be, move on to Preview. This will give you a final image of how your plot should turn out. If the preview result is not correct however, then you can start to narrow down the problem.


If the preview is not displaying colour and lineweight correctly, check your Plot style table, “Edit” to view and modify the associated settings.


Finally if the preview is fine but the printing process doesn’t turn out correctly, try and eliminate the printer out of the problem, by trying a different printer or printing to PDF. If the PDF previews and is created with no problems, this points the cause of the problem towards your printer.

You may then have to modify/recreate your .pc3 file, update your printer driver, or totally re-install the printer.

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