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Rendering Inventor Files In 3DS Max Design

With the introduction of the 2013 suites, Inventor received a bit of an upgrade in the visualisation department.

We are now able to push files to Showcase and 3DS Max Design very easily. In this example, I want to show the suite workflow between Inventor and Max.

With your file open, click on the ‘I’ (top left) select Suite Workflows and then one of the 3DS Max options. High detail meshes for smaller, more precise parts, or just Meshes for Bigger more complex parts.

Follow the Prompts


Wait about a minute (for this size file. Bigger files will take longer)

Once in Max, I saved the .max file and passed it on to Dennis Collin. Dennis is one of 4 Max experts here at CADline and he put a render together for me very quickly. Note that the materials in this image are the Inventor Materials.

Remember that you can get very high quality visuals out of Max including great stills and Animations. If you would like to get more out of your visualisations, and want to learn more about Max, visit

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