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CAD Related iPhone App for Mechanical Engineers

Its call “CAD Models” and gives the user access to over 300 component manufacturers catalogues, ranging from ABB Low voltage Systems to SKF Linear Motion Guides, Tables and Ball Screws and from Metalwork Pneumatic to Parker Hydraulics.

Starting the App. will display the menu and the list of available manufacturers, for example Metalwork Pneumatics.

Components are displayed in folders by type.

Once the type of component has been selected in this case actuators, the sub category and series can also be selected from the available list. A 3D image of the component is now displayed with the ability to rotate, zoom in and out via the use of the normal touch screen methods.

From the list of options down the left hand side, the component may be dimensionally changed for example cylinder stroke can be specified and bore can be selected from a list of available options, other additional items may be added such as sensors etc., once all required options have been selected by using the “Generate Preview” button at the top of the screen the model display is updated. By pressing the button in the top left corner the component can be viewed in 3D, providing  the user has a pair of 3D glasses, (a red line appears down the side of the component, when viewed using 3D glasses the component would appear 3D).

Finally the displayed model can then be emailed to a colleague as a zipped file as either 2D drawing showing plan, front and end views or as a 3D model in one of many CAD formats. Below the emailed file has been unzipped and opened up inside AutoCAD 2013 viewed in perspective with realistic shading.

I haven’t checked if this works will all catalogues but it’s pretty good for a free app.




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