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Change Project Name in AutoCAD Plant 3D or P&ID

First of all may I wish everyone a happy New Year (albeit a rather belated one).  2013 has started very much where 2012 left off for me: busy, busy, busy.  As a result I have rather neglected my Blog of late, so I thought it was about time to pay it some attention.

To start the year, I thought I'd share my thoughts regarding a question that I have been asked a couple of times just recently, 'Is it possible to change the name of a Plant Project?' 

The short answer is ‘Yes’, but it’s not straightforward.  The project name is stored in several places that are scattered around the project files and each should be updated accordingly.

  1. The Project Folder Name
  2. The <Project Name> tag in each of the ‘.XML’ files within the project folder.
  3. The value of the Project_Name field in the PnPProject table in each of the project databases.  For a SQLite deployment, the databases are contained within the various ‘.dcf’ files in the project folder.

Renaming a project this way is not officially supported by Autodesk.  The recommended way to rename a project is as follows:

  1. Use the Project Manager to create a new project with the correct name, copying settings from the original project.
  2. Use the Copy File to Project command in the Project Manager to copy drawings from the original project to the new one.

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