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Mold Design Content Libraries for Inventor 2013

Autodesk have just released the new Mould Content libraries, details are as follows:

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013 Mold Design Content Libraries provide component content for mold design.* Any combination of these desktop and remote libraries can be installed. Each content library contains mold bases, sliders, lifters, ejectors, sprue bushings, locating rings and other standard components.

* The Mold Design features are only available in Autodesk Inventor Professional software.


Read This First

English (htm - 30Kb)

esktop Libraries

Imperial (exe - 96042Kb)
Metric (exe - 1054095Kb)
Meusburger (exe - 60534Kb)

 Remote Libraries

Imperial (exe - 99197Kb)
Metric (exe - 975052Kb)
Meusburger (exe - 63618Kb)
The original post from Autodesk is available here:


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