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Revit – Create Quick Drawing Sheet

I think everyone who uses Revit will agree you can do most things pretty quick, and it’s quicker to create a drawing than you can in AutoCAD.

Ok there is a but coming here, but it can take you a while if you can want add-in a few drawings sheets.

  • You will need to either right-click on Sheets and select New Sheet in Project Browser or from the Ribbon View > Sheet Composition > Sheet.
  • Another way to create drawing sheets quickly you can create a sheet list and add all your sheets in there. (See my blog Using Sheet Lists to Create Drawings in Revit on how to do this)


The other option you can use is to simply just right-click or Ctrl+C on a view in the Project Browser that doesn’t currently have any views on it, and select Copy to Clipboard.

Now to create a copy of the sheet you selected, press Ctrl+V to paste the sheet. The sheet will be a complete copy of the one you copied and will be numbered using the numbering sequence of the existing sheets.


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