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Drawing Values In Signal & Component Referencing

Here’s how you can do it!


Right click over the current activated project in the Project Manager

Select Properties > Cross Reference tab.



In the above example, the normal cross reference formula is “%S/%N”. On the Between Drawings add “ (%D)” onto the end of the normal method.

Select    to accept any changes

Right click over each drawing in the project > Properties > Drawing Properties

Add the client drawing value into the Drawing field.



Select    to accept any changes.

Repeat on all other drawings


Highlight all drawings in the project > right click and select Apply Project Defaults


How to Update

1)Title Block Update

a) Right click over the project > Title Block Update

b) Ensure the R Drawing (%D value) is selected

Run on the entire project

2)Cross Reference Update

a) Select Schematic ribbon tab > Edit Components panel >  Component Cross-Reference

Run on the entire project

3. Update Signal reference 

a) Select Schematic ribbon tab > Edit Wires/Wire Numbers panel  >  Update Signal References

Run on the entire project


The drawings will then be similar to:


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